by Jasbina
What a thoughtful
husband-to-be you are!
In my opinion, one of the
most meaningful gifts
partners can give one another
is a thoughtful demonstration
of acknowledgment and
appreciation. Showing your
fiancée, through your actions,
how much you appreciate her is sure to make her feel
special. Below are some ideas you can customize to
her personal tastes.
Design a romantic evening consisting of pairing the
viewing of one of your fiancée’s favorite movies with
her favorite meal or dessert.
Create a picnic consisting of her favorite foods at a
place with special meaning for her (e.g. her school
campus, field/auditorium where she played/performed),
or the two of you (e.g. where you first met).
A viewing of a slideshow you created from pictures
of either the two of you, or your fiancée and her
friends and family (this may be of use for your wedding
reception as well).
Arranging tickets for one of the museum exhibits or
movies your fiancée has mentioned an interest in.
Visiting an ice-cream parlor or other childhood favorite
hangout which will remind your fiancée of her childhood.
Gift your fiancée with a couples massage or spa day,
cooking a romantic meal together, or any other joint
activity your partner would most value doing with you.
Begin the practice (if you don’t already do so) of telling
your fiancée in-person or via a personal note one thing
she did that day which you truly appreciate.
Take her back to the venue where the two of you had
your first date.
Gift her time by purchasing a few hours from a personal
concierge or housekeeping service to take some of her
responsibilities/errands off her plate (this invaluable gift
will free up leisure time for the two of you to spend together).
Best wishes to both of you as you embark on your shared
life together!
I Want to Surprise Her with Something
Special - Any Ideas?
My fiancée took the bar exam in July,
and has been busy with her job search
ever since. What with my lengthy work
hours, her studying for the bar and now
job search, not to mention our extensive
wedding planning (with our families), it
seems like we just haven’t been able to
spend all that much time together. Given
all that’s been going on, I thought it
might be a good idea to surprise her with
something special - any ideas?
Jasbina Ahluwalia
is an Indian-
American attorney turned entre-
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Radio Show Host and Match-
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